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The Six Things We Learned at the Cherry Bombe Jubilee

This past Sunday we headed to NYC for the Cherry Bombe Jubilee, an inaugural event by one of our favorite new publications celebrating women in the world of food. An inspiring group of gals were in attendance from chefs, to critics, to media and beyond. There were countless quotable moments, but some of the a-list speakers’ words are still sticking with us days later. Here were some of the standouts…
1.    “Individuality is priceless”

– Christina Tosi of Milk Bar, on how to be the change in the food industry.

2.    “I think the word of the day that women tend to repeat is ‘lucky.’ I think I’ve heard every single person today say that. And yes, there’s that piece of luck in it. But I don’t think any of us would be here if there wasn’t hard work, passion, drive, and professionalism.”

–Katie Button, of Curate and Nightbell, giving feedback on her successes as a chef and restaurant owner.

3.    “There is no such things as no. Never ask permission. Beg for forgiveness.” 

-Bobbi Brown, the makeup maven, on taking risks to achieve goals.

4.    “When we eat ice cream we feel good. When we feel good we feel hopeful”

–Alexis Miesen, of Blue Marble Ice Cream, on her recent venture to build ice cream shops with women in areas recovering from conflict or natural disaster.

5.    “I’m always disappointing someone. I’m still not okay with it, but I have to accept it. Some nights, a lot of nights, it’s my kids.”

Suzanne Goin, chef and restaurateur, being honest with the audience on having children and being a chef.

6.    “One of things that we don’t think about enough is that maybe women are looking for something different, maybe fame isn’t the thing we should be thinking about … I know so many women who are chefs in ways that’s very satisfying to them, and so many men who are chefs in ways that aren’t. And maybe we need to think that we should change the model of what we consider success for women in food.”

Ruth Reichl, food critic and writer, on recent claims and concerns over the male-dominated chef world.